Symptoms of a virus on computer


How virus on computer Affect the Computer

Virus on computer is common phenomenon and a big issue in the world. Lot of people does not know how to doing slow your computer when you are running any program.
Most viruses and malware are designed to harm a computer’s data and in the process also harm the performance. They steal your data, passwords, files, and identity along with:

  • impairing certain programs and applications– some software will be unable to run smoothly or completely be blocked access
  • modifying, corrupting, or deleting files– necessary system or program files may be blocked access causing your machine to run improperly or crash
  • harming data on hard disk drives– corrupt data on a HDD may result in a system crash or reformatting of the hard drive
  • causing operational problems– the computer may freeze or hang randomly and run very slowly


You may have a virus on computer if you experience the following:

  • computer stops responding or freezes frequently
  • crashing and restarting occur
  • computer restarts on its own and does not run as usual
  • programs and applications do not work properly
  • computer suddenly runs slower than usual
  • you see error messages
  • you see distorted menus and dialog boxes
  • new icons appear on the desktop that you did not install


Protect Your Computer Properly

A Secure Computer Performs Faster

A computer virus is a program designed to replicated itself and spread to other computers. Often a virus is confused with adware, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, or rootkits, which are all types of malware, malicious software, but lack the reproducing ability. Viruses spread by exploiting system vulnerabilities or attaching themselves to legitimate programs and executing when the user launches that program. Some viruses like other malware have symptoms noticeable to a computer user, but many do nothing to call attention to themselves.


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